Change a user role

Studio owners and studio managers can change each team members' user role. There are many scenarios where this is useful, for example, if a manager is on maternity leave and one of the regular users needs to take over the management duties.

The user roles affect what features your colleague can access, so it is important to make sure they have the appropriate role for their job.

  1. Log in using a Studio Owner or a Studio Manager account.
  2. Select Studio to display the Studio page.
  3. Select the studio that has team members that you want to change, and then select Manage Studio.
  4. Select Team to display a list of the team members that have access to your studio.
  5. In the Team Members list, select the user that you want to change.
  6. In the Roles section, use the Studio Manager checkbox to change the user's role. 
    • Check the Studio Manager box to turn a regular user into a studio manager
    • Clear the Studio Manager box to turn a studio manager into a regular user.
  7. Select Update to save the changes.