With the Scheduled Access feature, you can restrict access to your virtual workstations at particular times. This is useful if you need to limit the number of users who can all be logged on at the same time. 

For example, let's say your organization has two different shifts, early and late. By using the scheduled access feature, you can provide access to the early shift and the late shift, with a short break between shifts.  The small break ensures that all of the users from the first shift are logged out, so their resources are available for use by the workers on the next shift.

By default, each workstation profile has no time restrictions in place. So all of the virtual workstations associated with the profile are available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

User profiles and studios also have schedules that can prevent access during certain times. To access the resources for a studio, all of the schedules in place must provide access at that time. For example, you could have a workstation schedule that allows access on Monday, but you will not be able to use it if the studio schedule denies access on Monday.

To schedule access to a workstation:

  1. Log on as a studio owner or studio manager. 
  2. Select Studio.
  3. Select your studio and then select Manage Studio.

    The Studio list shows a list of the studios in SimpleCloud. A studio has been selected, revealing its Manage Studio option. A callout arrow is pointing to the Manage Studio option.
  4. Select Workstations to display a list of the workstation profiles in your SimpleCloud.
  5. Select the workstation profile you want to schedule. Alternatively, you can create a new workstation profile.
  6. Check the Only allow access during selected time periods box. A scheduler grid appears.

    Scheduled access grid shows timezone and a grid with Monday to Sunday as columns and hourly slots for each row.

  7. Select your time zone from the dropdown field at the top. SimpleCloud will base the timed access on the time zone that you choose here.
  8. On the scheduler grid, select the times that you want the workstation profile to be active. When you select a time, a highlight box appears. Drag the highlight box to cover the period where the workstation profile will be available. You can add many different time periods to each day if needed.

    Scheduled access grid has time zone and columns for every day of the week. Each row represents 1 hour. There are orange blocks that fill up time slots on different days.
    The virtual computers that are associated with this workstation profile will only be available to use in the periods that are marked on the schedule. For example, in this image, the workstation profile is available at various times on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but is unavailable all day on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    If your highlight box is not on the exact time you want, move it so that the top of the box is on the exact start time you want. Then drag the bottom of the highlight box to change the end time.
  9. Select Update to apply the settings.