Each workstation in your studio can provide access to various software applications, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Autodesk, and more. The applications are loaded on to your workstation, but the licenses are not included. You will need to have your own licenses for each workstation used by your studio.

If you have a Studio Owner or Studio Manager user account, you can choose which applications can be used on a workstation. 

  1. Log on as a studio owner or studio manager. 
  2. Select Studio.
  3. Select your studio and then select Manage Studio.

    The Studio list shows a list of the studios in SimpleCloud. A studio has been selected, revealing its Manage Studio option. A callout arrow is pointing to the Manage Studio option.
  4. Select Workstations to display a list of the workstations in your SimpleCloud.

    The workstation profile list. It shows a list of the workstation profiles, 1 per row. Each row has an icon to show the operating system and a color-coded icon to show the status.
  5. Select the workstation you want to edit. Alternatively, you can create a new workstation profile.
  6. Look at the Software section. This shows you what software is already available on the workstation. You do not need a license for the operating system, but you will need licenses for any other software.

    Software section showing Microsoft Windows 10 and Adobe Photoshop CC2020 have been added.
  7. In the Available Software section, find the application that you want to add. If the application is not listed, or you have proprietary software to add, please contact customer support.

    Available Software section showing a list of the different applications that are available.

  8. Use the arrow icon next to the version name/number to select the version of the software you want to add. If there is no arrow icon, it means there is only one version of that software available.

    Software icons with a small menu. The menu contains options for each version of the software that is supported.
  9. Drag the application from the Available Software section into the Software section. The Software section updates to show that you have added an application.

    Software section showing Microsoft Windows 10 has been added along with various other software applications.If there are plug-ins for the software, an Available Plug-ins section appears below the Available Software section.

    Available plug-ins section showing some plug-ins that are available for autodesk and chaos group software.
  10. If you want to use any of the plug-ins, drag them from the Available Plug-ins section into the Software section.

    Software section showing various software applications that have been added. They are shown in a hierarchy, with the operating system at the top level, then the applications, then the plug-ins.
  11. Select Update to confirm your choices.
To remove access to an application, find the application in the Software section and select its cross X icon.