You can control whether users can access the internet from your studio workstations. There are two settings that affect this:

  • In the user's profile, there is a setting that defines whether the user can access the internet on the workstations
  • In the workstation profile, there is an internet access setting that applies just to that workstation.

So to use a workstation to access the internet, a user needs:

  • Their own user account to allow them to access the internet on workstations
  • The settings for the specific workstation to also allow internet access.

If one, or neither, of these settings are in place, the user cannot access the internet on the particular workstation. They will only be able to use it if both settings allow internet access.

To allow/deny internet access for a specific workstation,

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager. 
  2. Select Studio.
  3. Select the studio you want to change, and then select Manage Studio.

    The Studio list shows a list of the studios in SimpleCloud. A studio has been selected, revealing its Manage Studio option. A callout arrow is pointing to the Manage Studio option.
  4. Select Workstations to display the workstation profiles list.

    The workstation profile list. It shows a list of the workstation profiles, 1 per row. Each row has an icon to show the operating system and a color-coded icon to show the status.
  5. In the list, select the workstation profile that you want to change.
  6. In the Options and Security section:

    Options and Security settings for a workstation profile. There are settings for internet access, studio licenses, simultaneous sessions, and auto-logout after inactive session.

    • Check the Internet access box if you want users to be able to access the internet from this workstation
    • Clear the Internet access box to prevent users from accessing the internet from this workstation.

  7. Select Update to save the changes.

Remember that users will only be able to access the internet from this workstation if their user profiles also provide internet access. To find out more, see Control a user's internet access on all studio workstations.