To create a new virtual studio in Simple Cloud:

  1. Log in to Simple Cloud.
  2. On the Dashboard, select Studio to display the studios list.

    Simple Cloud dashboard. A callout arrow points to the Studio icon.
    Studios list. It shows a list of the studios.
  3. Select Create a new studio.
  4. Enter a name and codename for the studio. When you enter a name, a codename is created automatically. The codename is a unique name that is needed to identify the studio.
  5. Select the server with the best connection speeds relative to your location and then select Next.

    Create a new studio settings for studio name and location.
  6. In the Invoicing information settings, select Create new invoicing data and then enter your contact details, tax ID, etc. Select Next when you have finished.

    Create a new studio settings for invoice information.
  7. Invite other users to join your new studio. You can search for registered users and/or enter the email address of unregistered users. There is a generic email message for the invite, but you can change the message if you prefer.

    Create a new studio settings for inviting users.
  8. Select Create.
    SimpleCloud begins the studio creation process. This can take around 40 minutes to complete. When the process is finished, you will receive an email and you can see your new studio in the studios list. From there, you can manage your studio and add workstation profiles, projects, etc.