Each studio has a name and an icon and these are shown in the studio list. You can change both, if required.

The studio name is set when the studio is first created, but you can change the name by using the studio management settings. You can also use the settings to add a studio icon image of your own choice.

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager. Only these types of users have access to all of the studio management settings.
  2. On the Dashboard, select Studio to display the studios list.

    Simple Cloud dashboard. There is a callout arrow pointing to the Studio icon.
    Studios list. It shows a list of the studios that have already been created. At the top, there is a create a new studio button.
  3. Select the name of the studio that you want to manage. Alternatively, you can select the down arrow icon at the far-right of the studio row.
  4. Select Manage studio.

    Studios list showing a studio has been selected. An extra section appears containing a Manage Studio button.

  5. In the menu banner, select Settings.

    Studio has been selected. Callout arrow points to Settings in header menu.
  6. Use the name field to change the name of the studio. Note that you cannot change the codename.
  7. Select the existing image (or image placeholder if there is no image). Then browse to the image you want to use and select it. The image will be scaled to 256px by 256px with a ratio of 1:1.

    Studio profile settings. There is a name field and a circular image placeholder. A callout arrow is pointing at the image placeholder.
    Your image is uploaded to SimpleCloud.

    Studio profile showing that a custom studio logo has been added to the profile.
  8. Select Update to confirm your choice. The studio name and logo will appear wherever they are usually shown in SimpleCloud, such as on the studio list.