This article is aimed at studio owners and managers. Here, we provide an overview of the various things you will need to set up for your virtual studio. If you are an artist looking for information on how to work on projects, see Getting started - artists.

When you use SimpleCloud for the first time, you will need to create the various parts of the studio. As a starting point, the SimpleCloud software will guide you to create a studio, and then to invite team members, create workstations, set up storage, and create a project. These are the main parts of your studio.

After creating the initial set up, you can add more projects, set up render farms (if included in your plan), and much more. Of course, you can make changes too, by editing the various parts of your studio.

Once you have created a studio, you can manage it and change its settings if needed. When you edit a studio, the header banner shows a series of icons. You can select these to access the settings for each different part of the studio that you need to set up.

Header banner has options for setting up a virtual studio

Here is an overview of the many different parts of a virtual studio that you can set up:

  • Studio

    This represents your virtual studio. When you have created a studio, you can invite team members to join it, set up projects in the studio and more. You can create one or more studios.

    To find out more, see Studios.

  • Team

    This is where you set up the accounts for your colleagues. Each person needs a user account so that they can be invited to join your studio and work on your projects.

    To find out more, see Teams.

  • Workstations

    Workstations are the computers that your team members will access to perform their duties. You need to set up the workstations so that they have the appropriate software, internet access, and availability.

    To find out more, see Workstation profiles.

  • Storage

    Your SimpleCloud plan includes a specific amount of storage that was agreed when the plan is purchased. To use that storage, you need to create one or more virtual storage volumes, and then make those available to your studio(s).

    To find out more, see Storage.

  • Projects

    SimpleCloud has projects that you can use to organize your teams and tasks, just like you would in a real, physical studio. You need to create projects so that you can invite team members to work on them.

    To find out more, see Projects.

  • Licenses

    You will need to upload the licenses for your software, so that your team can work with the applications they need for their roles. You can buy additional licenses too.

    To find out more, see Licenses.

  • Render farms (Processing)

    If your SimpleCloud plan includes rendering, you need to set up the render farms so that they can provide the processing for your projects.

    To find out more, see Render farms (Processing).

  • Studio Settings

    Each studio has its own Settings, which apply to the studio as a whole. You can use these to control when the studio can be used, add a studio icon image, set the shared folders and more.

    To find out more, see Studio Settings.