The storage volume list shows information about the storage volumes that are assigned to your studio. This information includes a color-coded status symbol. By looking at the status, you can find out whether the volume is available for use. 

storage volume list showing three storage volumes. One is the volume that is reserved for software.

The following table shows the possible statuses for a storage volume:

Green (solid)A solid green blockReadyThe storage volume is ready to use. 
Green (stripe)
A block that has diagonal dark green and light green stripes.Extending
The storage volume is being extended. This means the volume capacity is being increased, either manually or dynamically. Once the capacity has been increased, the volume should return to the Ready state.
Blue (solid)Reserved
This storage is reserved. It is needed for your studio software and cannot be used for storing project data.
Red (solid)A solid red blockFailure or LockedIf the status is Locked, it means the storage volume cannot be removed or changed. This is an administrative state.

If the storage volume has failed, contact customer support for advice.
Red (stripe)A block that has diagonal dark red and light red stripes.Deletion pendingA user has deleted the storage volume. SimpleCloud has not yet deleted the volume. In this state, the storage volume can be recovered (see Recover a storage volume).
Orange (stripe)A block that has diagonal dark orange and light orange stripes.InitializingThe storage volume is being prepared for use by SimpleCloud.
Gray (solid)A solid gray blockDisabledA user has disabled the storage volume. It cannot be used while it is in this state.

To find out more, see Enable a storage volume and Disable a storage volume.