SimpleCloud has an automatic logout feature to help manage the availability of your workstations. It is designed to free up workstations where a user is logged in, but is not actually using the workstation. By closing the inactive sessions, SimpleCloud makes the workstations available to other users. 

By default, SimpleCloud automatically ends sessions when there is no activity for 120 minutes. You can change this time period to a different amount by using the Idle session time limit setting. 

To change the inactivity timeout for your studio:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager. Only these types of users have access to all of the studio management settings.
  2. On the Dashboard, select Studio to display the studios list.

    Simple Cloud dashboard. There is a callout arrow pointing to the Studio icon.Studios list. It shows a list of the studios that have already been created. At the top, there is a create a new studio button.
  3. Select the name of the studio that you want to manage. Alternatively, you can select the down arrow icon at the far-right of the studio row.
  4. Select Manage studio.

    Studios list showing a studio has been selected. An extra section appears containing a Manage Studio button.
  5. In the menu banner, select Settings.
  6. In the Security & Global Settings section, enter the inactivity limit in the Idle session time limit field. This is an amount of time in minutes. If a session is idle for this amount of time, SimpleCloud closes the session automatically.

    When you set the limit, consider the amount of time that a session could be idle for legitimate reasons. Then set the limit so that it allows for those, but will not allow for excessive periods of inactivity.

    Security and global settings section.
  7. Select Update to save your changes.