Each project has storage volumes assigned to it, and these are where your project files are saved. There is storage for project data, and if you are using pipelines, then there is also separate storage for the pipeline.

The storage is usually set up when the project is first created, but you can change it at any time.

To change the storage settings:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager.
  2. On the dashboard, look in the Projects section and select the project that you want to edit.

    Dashboard. There is a list of projects in the top-right section.
    When you select a project, SimpleCloud displays the project resources.

  3. To add a volume for storing shared project data, drag a volume from the Available Storage section into the Shared Storage box in the Project Storage section.
  4. At the prompt, choose the operating system for the project storage and then select the letter for the storage drive. This letter is used for the drive on the workstations, for example, if you set a shared drive to F:, then your workstations will have an F: drive that contain the shared files. 
    edit mount points for data dialog for choosing an operating system
    edit mount points dialog for choosing a drive letter
    If you want to split the storage volume into separate drives, use the "Select desired operating system" field to choose an operating system. You then get another field for setting the drive letter. You can repeat this for as many drives as you need. Select Accept when you have finished.

  5. To remove a storage volume for project data, select its delete icon (x) in the Project Storage section. 
  6. If you have Pipeline and DAM enabled for the project, there is also a Pipeline Storage box in the Project Storage section. To add storage volumes for the pipeline data,  drag and drop a volume from Available Storage into here.

    Project resources. A callout shows that you can drag and drop a volume into the pipeline storage box.
    As before, choose the operating system and letter for the volume, and then select Accept.

    On systems where a pipeline tool is used, the drives are hidden from users, as the file management is handled automatically by the pipeline tool. But it is possible to access the folders if needed, and for that, you will need to know the letter for the storage volume. To find out more, see Pipeline Storage.

  7. Select Update to save the changes you have made.