Each render farm is a collection of computers, called nodes. The nodes are the "engine"  - they do the processing work for the rendering. So if you have access to many high specification nodes, your rendering project will complete much more quickly (but at greater cost for the node power). 

When the rendering takes place, the Deadline Monitor software assigns each node various tasks to complete, so that the workload is shared among the available nodes. This helps to complete the rendering process more quickly and efficiently.  

When you create a render farm in SimpleCloud, you can associate it with one or more of the available nodes. These nodes are put in place by SimpleCloud based on your organization's agreement with us (the plan). 

You can also edit any existing render farms and change their nodes, for example, you may want to add additional nodes or trial an extra node for free.

To change a render farm's nodes:

  1. Log on as a studio owner or studio manager. Only these types of user have the permission to edit a render farm.
  2. Select Studio.
  3. Select your studio and then select Manage Studio.

    Studio list showing a selected studio and its manage studio option.

  4. Select Processing.

    Studio overview, with callout pointing to Processing option in menu.
    SimpleCloud displays a list of the render farms.

    Render farm list
  5. Select the render farm you want to change. SimpleCloud reveals the render farm's settings.

  6. To change the processing nodes, select the edit icon (cog) for the Processing Nodes section. Then drag and drop the nodes you want from the Available Render Nodes section into the Processing Nodes section.

    Drag and drop a node from Available Render Nodes to Processing Nodes
    To remove a render node, select its delete icon (x).

    To add extra nodes to your plan, select the Additional Nodes button and then follow the purchasing instructions.

    To try an extra node for free, select the Request Trial Node button. At the prompt, confirm you want to continue with the trial. SimpleCloud will add a trial node to your plan and it will be available for 24 hours.

  7. Select Update to save your changes.