Every user on a project has a member role that defines what they can do on that project. For example, a user with the developer role can access the API whereas an artist cannot.

The member roles on a project are:

  • Supervisor - for users who assign or approve tasks and manage the project or for users that supervise other users in the project with the Veyon tool
  • Line producer - for users who edit the pipeline workflow (only available if the project uses a pipeline)
  • Developer - for users who need to access the API
  • Artist - If the user is not a supervisor, line producer, or developer, they are an artist, by default. These users can use the project's workstations to contribute, but they cannot perform any management tasks or access the API.

Member roles are for controlling access to features on a project. The user also has a studio role that defines what features they can access for the entire studio. The studio roles are Studio owner, Studio manager, and User. To find out about the studio roles, see User roles in Simple Cloud.

Member roles are usually assigned to each user when the project is first created, or when changes are made to the project. But you can give a user a project member role from the user's profile too, as described here:

  1. Log in using a Studio Owner or a Studio Manager account.
  2. On the Dashboard, select Studio to display the Studio page.

    Dashboard shows studio option is highlighted in the header

  3. Select the studio and then select Manage Studio.

    Studio list showing a studio's manage studio button
  4. Select Team to display a list of the team members that have access to your studio.

    Team members list shows all of the users in your studio

  5. Select the user you want to edit. Their entry in the list expands to reveal the settings for that user account.

    User profile settings.

  6. In the Projects section, select the project that you want to change. This reveals the project's settings.

    Project settings in user profile
    The colored bars at the end of each project represent the user's roles in that project. To find out more, see Member roles for a project.

  7. In the Member Roles section, check the box for each member role that you want the user to have. To set a user as an artist, clear all of the boxes. To remove a member role, clear the box for that role. 

  8. Select Update to apply your changes.