If you are a studio owner or studio manager, you can log a user off a workstation in your studio. This is useful when a user has forgotten to log out and somebody else needs to use the workstation.

If you suspect the user is still using the workstation, you can send them a message before logging them out. They will also get a message with the log out process, but an additional chat message gives them more time to prepare.

To log another user out of a workstation:

  1. Log in as a studio owner or studio manager and look at the Active Sessions section on the dashboard. It shows details of the users that are currently logged on to the studio workstations. You will only be able to see the active sessions for those studios where you are the owner or manager.

  2. Select the log off icon for the user you want to disconnect from the workstation. The log off icon is shown on the right of the user information.

    When you select the log off icon, SimpleCloud displays an End Session dialog.

  3. Enter a message to let the user know that you are logging them out. The message will appear as a pop-up dialog in the SimpleCloud application.
  4. Enter YES in capital letters in the confirmation field.
  5. Select Accept.

SimpleCloud will send the message to the user and shortly afterwards, they will be logged out automatically. This can take a few minutes to complete.

When the user is logged out, the workstation will be available for other users in your studio.