If you have a lot of elements on your pipeline flowchart, you might want to set it so that when you select an element, the flowchart centers on that element. This makes it easier to focus on the specific element you are interested in.

To set the flowchart to center on the selected element:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or manager.
  2. On the Dashboard, select the project that has the pipeline flowchart you want to change.

    Dashboard has a Projects section in the top right where you can select a project.
  3. Select Pipeline in the header menu to display the pipeline flowchart.

    Project resources page, select Pipeline in the header menu.
  4. Select the tab for the pipeline you want to change (Entity types flowchart or Disciplines flowchart).

    Pipeline editor has two tabs: Entity types flowchart and Disciplines flowchart
  5. Select the edit button (cog) at the bottom to display the flowchart properties.

    Pipeline editor has edit button (cog) in bottom-left corner.

  6. Check the center selected element box. Now, when you select an element on the flowchart, SimpleCloud will move the flowchart so that the selected element is shown in the center of your view. Clear the checkbox if you do not want SimpleCloud to center on the elements.

    Flowchart properties, with center selected element box checked.