Your pipeline's Entity Types Flowchart is where you categorize the types of content your project will produce. You do this by:

  • Adding an entity for each type of component that you will create
  • Defining the relationships between the entities.

Before you start adding entities, you need to have a good understanding of what your project will produce. You can then create entities to represent these "components". So, if your project is for an animation series, you might have entities for "episode", "sequence", "shot", and "assets" as these are the different categories of things you will produce.

Note that you only need to add an entity to represent the component generally. Let's say that your project is going to involve creating many different sequences. For those, you will need one "sequence" entity. This represents one category of outputs the project will create, in this case, sequences. You don't need to add an entity for each individual sequence. 

To add a new entity.

  1. Log in as a studio owner or administrator. 
  2. On the Dashboard, look in the Projects section and select the project that has the pipeline you want to edit. When you select the project, SimpleCloud shows the project Resources. Then select Pipeline in the header menu to display the pipeline flowchart.

    Note that the Pipeline option is only available if the Pipeline and DAM feature is enabled for the project (see Enable Pipeline and DAM on your project).

  3. Select the Entity Types Flowchart tab (it is usually selected by default).

    Entity types flowchart tab
  4. Select the plus button ( + ) at the bottom of the flowchart to display a Pipeline dialog.

    Pipeline dialog for adding a new entity.
  5. Enter a "nice name"  and a code name and then select Accept to confirm.

    The "nice name" is the name that will be shown to users on the flowchart.

    The code name is a reference code that cannot be changed once it has been saved.

When you create an entity, a box is added to the Entity Types Flowchart tab. It is selected automatically and its properties are shown in the sidebar.

Entity types flowchart with new entity added. Properties are shown in sidebar.

You will need to define the properties next (see Define an entity's properties).