Each entity in the pipeline entity flowchart has a status that relates to the workflow. For example, a shot could have an "approved" status to let users know that the shot has been completed, reviewed and approved. When you set up your pipeline flowchart, you can define the possible status values for each entity.

Usually, when you set up the status values, you will match the name of a status in SimpleCloud to the name of a status in your Digital Asset Management (DAM) software. This is so that the status of the entity will have consistent naming in both SimpleCloud and your DAM. This makes it easier for your artists and supervisors to understand the information in both systems.

Many DAM products support an extensive range of possible status values, so you could have many different ones to add. However, SimpleCloud takes a different approach and uses a smaller subset of status values, which we call the "base status". As a result, when you are setting the status for your entities, you may not be able to map the status in a DAM directly to a matching status in SimpleCloud. Instead, you should:

  • Give the status in SimpleCloud the same name and code as the status in your DAM
  • Set the Base Status to the best match for the status you have in your DAM.

Add and define the status values on the Status Types tab. This is available when you select an entity on the flowchart.

To define the status values, you need an understanding of what base status values are available:

  • No Effect

    The status of this entity has no effect on the status of other entities in the pipeline.

  • New

    The entity is at the start of the pipeline workflow and so is where the creation begins.

  • In Progress

    The entity has tasks that are being worked on, but are not yet in review or complete.

  • Review

    The entity has tasks that have been worked on, but the work is waiting for approval from a supervisor.

  • Blocked

    The entity has tasks that cannot be worked on because they are dependent on assets that are unavailable.

  • Completed

    The entity's tasks are finished. 

When you add a status to an entity on your pipeline flowchart, the name and code can be the same as a status in your DAM. Then choose the closest match from the available bases status values. This is a way of mapping the status entries in your DAM to the possible status entries in SimpleCloud. 

For example, let's say that in your DAM you have a status called Finished. In SimpleCloud, there is no status called Finished, but Completed is a good match for that stage of the process. So when you set up an entity and you need to add a status for "Finished" you could enter:

Name: Finished

Code: fin

Base status: Completed.

To learn how to add the status values for an entity, see Define an Entity's Properties.