If you have a pipeline flowchart saved as a JSON file, you can import it into your project as a new pipeline. You will most likely want to do this if you have:

  • Made a back up of a pipeline flowchart and want to add it back into SimpleCloud
  • Exported a pipeline flowchart so that you can import it into a different project
  • Made bulk changes to a pipeline flowchart in JSON, and want to import those changes into SimpleCloud
  • Created a pipeline flowchart as a JSON file and want to add it to a SimpleCloud project.

To upload a JSON pipeline flowchart:

  1. Log in as a studio owner or administrator. From the Dashboard, select the project you want to view to display its Resources. Then select Pipeline in the header menu to display the pipeline flowchart.

    SimpleCloud animation pipeline flowchart

  2. Select the pipeline flowchart selector at the top of the pipeline flowchart. This reveals a dropdown menu containing the different pipelines that are available, and also some other options.

    Pipeline selector at the top has option to upload your own workflow file
  3. Select Upload your own workflow file.
  4. Either drag your JSON file into the box, or select the box and use the browse dialog to find and select your JSON file.

    Drag JSON file into the box

    SimpleCloud loads your JSON file and shows the flowchart.

To learn how to create a JSON back up of a pipeline flowchart that can then be imported into a project, see Download a flowchart as a JSON file.