Each component that you add to a discipline has its own properties. The settings for the properties are first set up when the component is created, but you can change them if needed.

To make changes to a component on a Discipline flowchart:

  1. Display the Disciplines flowchart.

    From the Dashboard, select the project that contains the Disciplines flowchart. Then select the Pipeline option in the header menu to display the pipeline flowchart. Select the Disciplines flowchart tab.

  2. Select the discipline that contains the component that you want to change. Its properties are shown in the sidebar to the right.

    Disciplines flowchart showing discipline properties sidebar

  3. On the Components tab, select the component that you want to change.

    Discipline properties sidebar has a components tab that lists the components.SimpleCloud displays a dialog containing the component's settings.

    Component settings
  4. Use the dialog to make the changes. 
  5. Select Accept.