Use the plus + button on the SimpleCloud Digital Asset Manager (DAM) to create a new record. This is useful when:

  • You are not using an external DAM, and so need to create all of your records in SimpleCloud manually
  • You want to add a record that will exist in SimpleCloud, but will not be synced with your external DAM.

Note that any record you add in the SimpleCloud DAM is not visible to an external DAM, such as ShotGrid. To get a new record that will appear in both your external DAM and the SimpleCloud DAM, create it in the external DAM first. Then update the synchronization file so that it is created automatically during the next sync process, and will continue to be synced.

To add a record to the SimpleCloud DAM:

  1. Display the SimpleCloud DAM.

    From the Dashboard, select the relevant project. Then select the DAM option in the header menu to display the SimpleCloud DAM.

  2. Select the appropriate tab. For example, to add a record for an asset, select the Assets tab.
  3. Select the plus + button in the top-left corner.

    Plus button is in the top-left corner.
  4. Enter the details for the new record.

    The dialog has fields for each of the data entries of the record, and these will vary depending on what the record represents.

    By default, there are these settings: Code, Nicename, and Status. Code is a unique reference used as an identifier. The Nicename is a more user-friendly name for the record, and the Status indicates its current state in relation to the pipeline workflow.

    Any other settings are dependent on the type of item the record represents. They match the fields that are added for that entity type (on the Entity Types Flowchart).

    Insert new entry dialog has fields for defining the record's data.

  5. Select Insert.