The idea with user groups is that you add users to them so that you can allocate permissions, such as internet access, to multiple users at once. The user groups mean you can also have sub-groups so that most of the people in a team can have the same permissions, but a select few members can have additional permissions.

It's also possible to add a user to a group from their user account. To find out more, see Change an individual user's membership of a group.

To add users to a user group:

  1. Log in using a Studio Owner or a Studio Manager account.
  2. On the Dashboard, select Studio to display the Studio page.

    Dashboard shows studio option is highlighted in the header

  3. Select the studio and then select Manage Studio.

    Studio list showing a studio's manage studio button
  4. Select Team to display a list of the team members that have access to your studio.

    Team tab showing list of team members
  5. Select the Groups tab.

    Groups tab shows list of existing groups
  6. Select the group that you want to change. SimpleCloud displays the group's settings.

    Group settings

  7. Select the Users section and then drag and drop a user from the Available Members section into the Users section.

    Drag and drop a user from Available Members into Users

  8. Select Update.

    SimpleCloud adds the user to the group. That user will now have the permissions that are set for the group as well as the permissions that are set for their individual user account.