If you are using an external Digital Asset Manager (DAM) with SimpleCloud, you will not need to create tasks in SimpleCloud. Instead, you will use your external DAM for creating tasks, and their information will be updated in SimpleCloud automatically when synchronization takes place.

The synchronization is a one-way process where the external DAM updates the SimpleCloud DAM with new data. The SimpleCloud DAM only receives data and does not "push" data to the commercial DAM. If you create a task in the SimpleCloud DAM it will not appear in your external DAM.

But if you are not using an external DAM, you will need to add tasks manually in the SimpleCloud DAM.

To add a task in the SimpleCloud DAM:

  1. Display the SimpleCloud DAM.

    From the Dashboard, select the relevant project. Then select the DAM option in the header menu to display the SimpleCloud DAM.

  2. On the Tasks tab, select the + button to display the Insert New Entry dialog for tasks.

    DAM tasks tab. Select + to add a new task.
    Insert new entry dialog for tasks.
  3. Enter the details for the new task:
    • Entity

      Select the entity that you want the assignee to work on. For example, select a particular asset that you want an artist to work on.
    • Discipline

      Select the discipline that the task is associated with.
    • Code

      Enter a code as a unique identifier for the task.
    • Nicename

      Enter a name for the task, so that it is easy for people to understand what the task is for.
    • Status

      Enter the starting status for the task. The options you have available match the task statuses that have been added for the tasks entity on the entity types flowchart (see Add a task status).
    • User

      Select the user that you want to perform the task, for example, an artist in a particular department.

    • Assigned Date

      Select the date that the task is assigned to the user.

    • Start Date

      Select the start date for the task. The user should not begin the task before this date.

    • End Date

      Select the deadline for the task. The task should be completed by this date.

  4. Select Insert to confirm your entries and add the task.