If you are a studio owner or a studio manager, you can invite team members to join a studio. Once they accept your invite, you can assign them to projects and provide them with access to workstations. 

These instructions are for inviting people to join your studio. They do not invite people to participate in a project. For that, you need to invite the user to your studio, set up a project, and then add the user to a project.

To invite team members to join your studio:

  1. Log in using a Studio Owner or a Studio Manager account.
  2. On the Dashboard, select Studio to display the Studio page.

    Studio page. Callout arrow points to studio option.

  3. Select the studio that you want people to join and then select Manage Studio.

    Select studio to reveal manage studio option
  4. Select Team to display a list of the team members that have access to your studio.

    Team page has invite members button
  5. Select Invite Members.

    Invite members dialog. Enter email and message.
  6. Use the Search for Registered Users field to find people that are already SimpleCloud users.

    Enter the first few characters of their name and SimpleCloud will give you a list of any registered users that match that name. Select the user you want to invite and press Enter. You can then repeat this step to send an invite to more registered users. A list of the registered users that you are inviting is shown below the search field.

  7. Use the Invite by Email setting to invite people who are not already registered.

    Enter their email address in the field and then press Enter. You can then repeat this step to send an invite to more unregistered users. A list of the email addresses that will receive the invite is shown below the email field.

  8. When you have added all of the people you want to join your studio, select Invite.

SimpleCloud sends an email invite to the people you have listed. They are not automatically added to your studio - they will have to accept your invite. If they accept the invite, registered users will be added to your studio. People who are not registered will need to register first, and then they will be added to your studio.

Everybody who is invited to join a studio is sent an email, including those people who are already registered as SimpleCloud users. They can only join your studio if they accept the invite by using the link in the email.

If the email does not arrive, ask the user to check their spam folder. If they are unable to find the email, contact customer support for assistance.

When a user accepts your invitation, they are added to the Team Members list. From there, you can set their user role and FTP permissions, assign them to your projects, and place limits on their account (see Edit a user).