Every SimpleCloud studio has user accounts for the people that work in that studio. Each user account has a "user role" in the studio, and the role defines what type of user you are. There are three different studio user roles:

You can find out about these roles below. We also explain the difference between user roles and project roles, and that you can have different roles for different studios.

To learn how to allocate the user roles, first make user that you invite users to a studio, as their user accounts are created when they register. When you have user accounts in SimpleCloud, you can set their roles (see Edit a user).

Studio owner

The studio owner is the highest-level user role. It provides full access to all of the studio's features in SimpleCloud. These include the ability to invite users, create projects, and set up workstations. Studio owners can also delete any user's account.

SimpleCloud automatically gives the studio owner role to the user that creates the studio.

Studio manager

Like the studio owner, the studio manager can invite users, create projects, set up workstations and much more. But they do not have full access - they cannot delete the studio owner's user account.

You can allocate the studio manager to users when you Edit a user.


Also known as a "regular" user account. The regular user can access a workstation and contribute to projects, but cannot access any of the management features that are available to the studio owner or studio manager. 

You can create regular users by inviting people to join a studio. They are regular users by default and will only become studio managers if you edit their account and give them the studio manager permission.

Studio user roles vs project roles

It's important to note that these roles define what users can access for a studio in SimpleCloud. They are different to project roles. 

Project roles relate to each user's purpose when working on a specific project. For example, you could have a user who is a regular user for the studio, and is an artist on a project. To find out more about project roles, see Member roles for a project

Studio roles can be different for each studio

You can have different roles for different studios. For example, you could be a regular user in one studio, but a studio manager in a different studio. 

To find out what user role each person has, see the team members list in Teams