The capacity of a storage volume is set when it is first created, but you can increase the capacity later as needed. When you increase the capacity, you can add extra storage and that amount is deducted from the remaining storage in your plan. If you have already used all of the storage in your plan, you will need to upgrade it so that you have more storage available.

To upgrade your plan, please contact customer support.

You can increase the storage capacity of a volume manually (see below). Alternatively, you can set the SimpleCloud to add up to 250GB extra storage automatically (see Dynamic storage volume capacity).

To increase the storage capacity of a volume manually:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager. 
  2. Select Studio.
  3. Select the studio you want to change, and then select Manage Studio.

    The Studio list shows a list of the studios in SimpleCloud. A studio has been selected, revealing its Manage Studio option. A callout arrow is pointing to the Manage Studio option.
  4. Select Storage to display the storage volumes list. It contains a list of the volumes that have been allocated to the studio you selected.

    Network storage overview list shows the volumes that are available to the studio. There is an option to create new network storage.
  5. Select a volume to display information about that particular volume.

    Information panel for a storage volume. It shows the name and codename of the volume, how much space is used, and what projects are linked to the storage. There is also a slider for increasing the storage capacity.
  6. Use the slider to increase the storage capacity of the volume. The shaded section of the bar shows the current capacity of the volume. The white section of the slider represents the amount of storage you have remaining in your plan. Drag the slider to increase the capacity of the volume. The increase is shown as an orange section.

    Storage volume capacity slider. It shows the amount of storage capacity on the left and there is a slider on the right. A grey section of the slider shows the storage capacity currently allocated. A white section shows the amount of storage available in the plan. An orange section shows the amount of storage being added to the volume.
  7. Select Update to apply the changes.