You can use our ticket system to contact us. The ticket system is available from the Support option in the header. Our friendly customer support team are here to help with all your SimpleCloud needs, from extending your plan to reporting issues.

To raise a ticket:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud.
  2. Select Support.
  3. Select the Knowledge Base tab.

    Before you raise a ticket, it's always a good idea to look in our knowledge base. The answers you are looking for may already be covered there.

  4. If the knowledge base does not have the information you need, select the Open a ticket tab and send us a message. The ticket is similar to an email and there is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, so that you can style your message, add tables etc.

    To help us with your query, provide as much information as possible. If you are reporting an issue, try to explain the actions you took that resulted in the problem, and include screenshots if you can (see next step). It will also help if you can tell us which browser you are using.

    Open a ticket screen. It has a subject field, a studio field, and a text entry area where you can enter a message. There is also a section for adding attachments.
  5. To attach files such as screenshots, select the Attach/Drop section below the text entry box. A browser window then appears, which you can use to select the file you want to send to us.
  6. Select Submit.

Our customer support team will reply to your ticket as soon as possible.