If you use a pipeline tool, you need to add a storage volume for the pipeline when you create a project or edit a project. SimpleCloud uses the storage volume to store the files in the pipeline and the metadata.

The pipeline storage has built-in optimization (deduplication), so the amount of used space may be less than is shown in the operating system.

To add storage for a pipeline:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager.
  2. On the dashboard, look in the Projects section and select the project that you want to use.

    Dashboard. There is a list of projects in the top-right section.When you select a project, SimpleCloud displays the project resources.
    Project resources. There are settings for project storage and render farms.
  3. Check the Pipeline and DAM enabled for this project box.
  4. Select Update to save your changes.
    The pipeline and DAM features are now available for this project. 
  5. Drag and drop a storage volume from the Available Storage section into the Project Storage box (which shows the text "Drop pipeline storage here").

  6. At the prompt, select the operating system for the storage volume and select a mount path letter, for example F.

    If you want to split the storage volume into separate drives, use the "Select desired operating system" field to choose an operating system. You then get another field for setting the drive letter. You can repeat this for as many drives as you need. Select Accept when you have finished.

  7. Select Update to save your changes.