To get people to work on your project, you first need to assign them to your project in SimpleCloud. Usually, users are added as members of a project when the project is first created (see stage 3 in the setup process in Create a project). But you can also add users to existing projects, or remove them, at any time.

To add users to a project that already exists:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager.
  2. On the dashboard, look in the Projects section and select the project that you want to edit.

    Dashboard. There is a list of projects in the top-right section.
    When you select a project, SimpleCloud displays the Project Resources.

    Project resources. There are settings for project storage and render farms.

  3. Select Permissions.

    Project resources screen. An arrow points to Permissions in the header menu.
    SimpleCloud exits the Project Resources settings and displays the project members instead.

    Add members to the project. There is a list of users who already are members.

  4. To add users to your project, select Add Members to this Project. Then drag the name of the user(s) from the Studio Members section on the right into the project members section on the left.

    Add members to project settings. Drag members from members list into project list.
    If you cannot see the name of the user you want to add, use the search at the top of the Studio Members section to find them. If they are not listed, they do not have a user account (see Invite people to join your Studio).

  5. Select Next when you have added the user(s). SimpleCloud then displays the permissions and workstation settings for your added member(s).

    Add project members settings. Set FTP permissions and Member roles.
  6. On the left, select the new member(s) whose permissions, roles, and/or workstation access you want to change.

  7. On the Member roles tab, assign the FTP permissions to the selected user(s). The FTP permissions let you control whether a user can upload and/or download files via FTP.

    To give the user(s) permission to use FTP, check the Project FTP access box, and then check Upload and/or Download. Clear the boxes to deny permission.

    FTP permissions for selected users allow them to upload or download via FTP

  8. Give the user the appropriate Member roles for their work.

    Member roles for setting users as developers or supervisors for a project

    • Check Supervisor if the user needs to assign tasks and manage the project
    • Check Line Producer if the user needs to be able to edit the pipeline workflow*
    • Check Developer if the user needs to access the API
    • Clear all of the boxes if the user is an artist.

      * only available when the project has a pipeline.

  9. Select the Workstations tab.

    Add members to project settings. An arrow points to the Workstations tab.

  10. Choose which of the available workstations can be used by the selected user(s) on this project. To give access, drag and drop the workstation from the Available Workstations section to the Assigned Workstations section. Alternatively, check the box for the workstation and select Add Selected Workstation(s).

    Add members to project settings. A callout shows you can drag workstations into the project.
    To remove a workstation from a user, select the delete icon (x) in the Assigned Workstations section. Alternatively, drag the workstation from the Assigned Workstations section into the Available Workstations section.

  11. Select Update to confirm your changes.

It's also possible to assign a project to a user from the user's profile (see assign a project to a user).