To delete a project:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager.
  2. On the dashboard, look in the Projects section and select the project that you want to delete.

    Dashboard. There is a list of projects in the top-right section.
    When you select a project, SimpleCloud displays the project resources.

    Project resources. There are settings for project storage and render farms.

  3. Select the arrow icon next to the Update button, and then select Delete.

  4. Read the information on the prompt carefully. It advises you that if you delete the project, you will remove the project completely. Everything that you have set up in the project, including its users, workstations, and storage will be lost (they still exist in your SimpleCloud and can be used for other projects).

    If you are certain that you want to remove the project, enter YES in the field and then select Accept. The YES must be entered in capital letters.

    The project will be deleted after 30 days. During this period, the project can still be recovered, should you decide that you need to reinstate it as a live project. After the 30 days, it is deleted and cannot be recovered.

    If you are certain you do not want to keep the project and do not want to have it available for recovery, you can purge it. This will delete the project immediately.