To control whether an entity in your pipeline accepts publications and tasks:

  1. Log in as a studio owner or administrator. 
  2. From the Dashboard, select the project you want to view to display its Resources. Then select Pipeline in the header menu to display the pipeline flowchart.

    If a pipeline has not been set up for the project, you are shown the pipeline creation page instead. You can use that to create a pipeline.

  3. On the pipeline flowchart, select an entity and then look in the Entity Type Properties sidebar. It shows the property settings for the selected entity, its fields, and its status types.
  4. Use the checkboxes:

    Entity Type Properties dialog has accept publications and accept tasks checkboxes.

    • Check the Accepts publications box if you want the entity to accept publications. 
    • Check the Accepts tasks box if you want the entity to accept tasks.

  5. Select Update to confirm your changes.