Each discipline has Expressions settings that you can use to create a logic, where choices can be made depending on the the inputs. For example, you can set the discipline to use one particular input,but if that input is not available, use another input instead.

The expression conditions use simple logic terms: 

  • Next

    Use to define the order. Next tells SimpleCloud to move on to the next component when it has finished checking the previous component.

  • Else

    Use as an "OR" condition. For example, tell SimpleCloud to load one component first, and if that is not available, load another one instead. This would work as load <component 1> else <component 2>.

  • >

    Greater than

  • <

    Less than

The Next and Else terms are the ones  you will most likely use more frequently. For example, here are some expressions from a "Rig" discipline:

Discipline expressions for load, input inspect, update, publish, and output inspect.

Here, the load expression tells SimpleCloud to load the SCN_SNAPSHOT component first and if that is unavailable, load the GEO component instead ("else"). Then it loads SHADERS followed by XGEN_CURVES and then GEO_HAIR in order ("next").

The input+inspect expression tells SimpleCloud to check that the inputs can be used. Again, "else" tells it to inspect SCN_SNAPSHOT or GEO depending on which one has been loaded. The "next" term is used to define the sequence for inspecting the other components.

Update, publish, and output_inspect work in a similar way, only they tell SimpleCloud which components to update with the loaded information, which components to publish, and which components to inspect for outputting to another discipline.

When you create or edit your disciplines, you can view any existing expressions and add your own:

  1. Display the Disciplines flowchart.

    From the Dashboard, select the project that contains the Disciplines flowchart. Then select the Pipeline option in the header menu to display the pipeline flowchart. Select the Disciplines flowchart tab.

    You can only display the Disciplines flowchart if your Entity types flowchart has been set up to contain entities. (You cannot add a discipline unless there are entities available).

  2. Select the discipline of interest. Its properties are shown in the sidebar to the right.
  3. Select the Expressions tab to view its existing expressions.

    Discipline selected on flowchart, expressions shown in Expressions tab.

  4. To edit an expression, click in the expression field and type the first characters of the component or expression logic that you want to add. For example, you could type "ne" and SimpleCloud will present a menu that contains "next", any components that begin with the letters "ne", and any other expressions.

    ne is entered in an expression field. SimpleCloud displays a menu with next and other expression terms.

  5. Select the term or component that you want to add to the expression. It is added at the position you selected in the expression field.
  6. Repeat these steps to complete the expression.

    If you need to delete a term from the expression, select it and it will show as text. Then press Delete or Backspace to remove it.

    Note that SimpleCloud displays a red cross if you create an incomplete expression. For example, if you add next, but do not add a component after next.

    A red cross is shown if an expression is incomplete
    SimpleCloud also displays notifications to advise you to check the discipline before saving.

    Notification to review a discipline
  7. When you have a complete expression, select Update.