Use the Action > Edit feature to make changes to a record in the SimpleCloud Digital Asset Manager (DAM). This is useful if you:

  • Do not use an external DAM and need to make changes to a record's data
  • Need to make changes to a record that is not synchronized with an external DAM.

If you are using an external DAM that is synced with the SimpleCloud DAM, make your changes in the external DAM. When the next sync happens, the external DAM will update the SimpleCloud DAM with the changes.

The synchronization is a one-way process where the external DAM updates the SimpleCloud DAM with new data. The SimpleCloud DAM only receives data and does not "push" data to the commercial DAM.

  1. Display the SimpleCloud DAM.

    From the Dashboard, select the relevant project. Then select the DAM option in the header menu to display the SimpleCloud DAM.

  2. Select the appropriate tab. For example, to edit a record for an asset, select the Assets tab.
  3. Find the record that you want to change, and then select its edit button (pencil). This is in the Actions column.
    Actions column on tabs in the SimpleCloud DAM.

    When you select the edit button, SimpleCloud displays a dialog for editing the record. The dialog has fields for each of the data entries of the record, and these will vary depending on what the record represents.

    By default, there are these settings: Id (you cannot change this), Nicename, and Status. The Nicename is a more user-friendly name for the record, and the Status indicates its current state in relation to the pipeline workflow.

    Any other settings are dependent on the type of item the record represents. They match the fields that are added for that entity type (on the Entity Types Flowchart).

  4. Select Update to confirm your changes.
  5. Some types of record are associated with other records. For example, an asset can be associated with a shot and a sequence. For these records, there is a plus + button in the row. Select the plus + button to display a dialog, which you can use to change the settings.

    Select plus button to change a record's associations
    Settings for editing an asset's association with a sequence

  6. Select Insert to confirm your changes.

If you make changes and later find out that they have been lost, it is likely that they were overridden. This happens during the synchronization process with an external commercial DAM. You should make the changes in the external DAM rather than in SimpleCloud.