When you Edit a user, you can allocate special permissions to the user. The special permissions define whether the user:

  • Can manage the Resilio sync process
  • Can connect using the bonded OpenVPN service
  • Has to use a proxy server when using the internet.

The Resilio sync and bonded OpenVPN options should only be used if your SimpleCloud is configured to use Resilio and/or OpenVPN. 

For guidance on setting up SimpleCloud to connect with Resilio or an OpenVPN service, please contact customer support.

Each of the special permissions is actually a hidden user group. For example, if you give a user the Resilio permission, you are actually adding that user to the hidden Resilio user group. All users in that user group have permission to manage the Resilio sync process. 

For instructions on how to access the user settings and give or remove the special permissions, see Edit a user.