When you are creating a disciplines flowchart, you may find that you want to use the same discipline multiple times. Instead of creating them all from scratch, you can save time by creating one and then copying it. You can then make changes to the copies, if needed.

For these instructions, we assume that you have already displayed the discipline flowchart and that it contains disciplines.

  1. Select the copy icon in the top corner of the discipline you want to copy. The copy icon looks like a clipboard with a document.

    Select copy icon to make a duplicate.
    If you are using the web version of SimpleCloud Animation, and the web browser reports an error at this point, check that the browser has access to the clipboard. 
    In some browsers, such as Google Chrome, there is an error icon at the end of the address bar. Select it and choose the option to allow access to the clipboard. The copy feature should then work as expected. 
    icon in browser's address bar as browser cannot access clipboard.

  2. Select the plus button ( + ).

    Plus + button is selected in bottom left of interface
  3. On the Pipeline dialog, select Paste.
  4. At the prompt, check the boxes if you want to keep all of the copied input and output connections:
    • Preserve all copied input connections
    • Preserve all copied output connections
  5. Select Accept.

SimpleCloud adds the copied discipline to the flowchart. You can edit the discipline if required and add different components, etc.