Premiere Pro & After Effects: Hard Drive Configuration:


Using Premiere on a VM requires a little set up to optimize your experience.


On a VM, the C drive is destroyed every time you log off, so we have prepared some best practices to insure you don’t lose anything between sessions.


  1. Premiere Pro/AE Application - will be on your VM C drive, and will automatically load each session
  2. Project File - make sure this is saved and accessed to/from your shared storage
  3. Media/Scratch Disk - all media and captured media should be on shared storage
  4. Cache Drive - all cache files/renders/etc. should save to your Personal ‘M’ Drive
  5. Render Drive - all outputs, renders, and deliverables should save to your shared storage.


Basically, do not put anything you want access to from session to session on your C drive.



Premiere Pro: Project and Production Settings

Here are screenshots to help optimize Premiere Pro Project/Production settings

  • Project/Production Settings - unless there are hardware limitations the following settings should be used
    • Renderer: CUDA acceleration for PCs and Metal (I believe) for Mac
    • Color Management: 3D LUT Interpolation: Tetrahedral
    • Scratch Disk - pointed to shared storage
    • 2nd pic is of Production settings (identical settings options as Project)



Preferences Settings

Here are screenshots to help optimize Premiere Pro Preferences settings

  • Audio
    • Render Edit in Audition files to: Location depends on your hard drive setup and allocation. Recommend it usually go to Scratch Disk location on shared storage for captured media which would usually be a fast media and/or cache drive.







  • Audio Hardware
    • Latency should be as low as possible. We would suggest starting at 60ms (not the 200ms default). This can be adjusted to improve audio/video sync







  • Collaboration
    • This setting is only important if using Team Projects. Below are default settings, but users may want to customize this to their needs.
    • Users may want to adjust the Share Reminder timer
    • Users may want to check the Enable Project Locking box









  • I recommend these settings for initial project setup.









  • If you are having issues re-linking media
    • Try off the checkboxes at the bottom: H264/HEVC accelerated decoding and encoding) worked, but as mentioned I have not encountered this error before. Recommend leaving those boxes checked by default.





  • Media Cache 
    • Here is what Media Cache settings should look like on Simple Cloud.  Point all cache files to the personal M drive to increase efficiencies from session to session









  • Memory
    • Perfect settings already default on Simple Cloud.










  • Playback
    • Depending on user needs it may be optimal to uncheck Pause Media Encoder queue during playback.
    • Enable Mercury Transmit is only useful if using multiple monitors. Leaving it checked on by default should be fine.








  • Sync Settings
    • This is another preference users may want to tweak. Recommend making these the default setting.









  • Timeline
    • This is another preference users may need to tweak. Recommend leaving these settings on by default.
    • Note that Video Transition Default Duration should match whatever your project or timeline time base actually is, i.e., 24, 25, 30, 60, etc.
    • Users may also want to tweak some of the checkboxes, but recommend these be on by default.







  • Trim
    • This is another preference users may want to tweak. Recommend leaving these settings on by default.









  • Timeline/Sequence Playback/Rendering
    • After saving the above settings, restart Premiere Pro.
    • If issues persist restart Simple Cloud.
    • If playback issues continue after optimizing Premiere settings and restarting Simple cloud, try rendering timeline media using these settings under the Sequence drop down menu in the tool bar. 
      • Select: Render In to Out 
      • Select: Render Selection
      • Select: Render Audio
      • Select: Render Effects In to Out