To use Simple Cloud for your animation projects, you need to create and set up a virtual studio. Once you have a virtual studio, you can manage it in a similar way to how you would manage a real, physical studio - you can set up projects, invite artists to work on them, and manage the process remotely using SimpleCloud. The only difference is that everything is in the cloud, including the workstations that your team will use.

For each studio, you can:

  • Invite artists and other members of your team to contribute to your projects.
  • Add and manage your projects.
  • Set up volumes for storing your project files.
  • Set up workstation profiles. These are the remote computers that your team members will use to work on your project.
  • Set up licenses for your software.
  • Manage processing (rendering farms).

You can have one or many studios in your SimpleCloud instance.

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