If you no longer need a studio, you can remove it completely from your SimpleCloud account. Once deleted, the studio and all of its associated configuration is removed, including workstation profiles and storage volumes. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you back up any data that is on the storage volumes before you delete a studio.

When you set a studio for deletion, it cannot be used and enters a "deletion pending" state. It will be in this state for a period of around 4 weeks, and during this time it is possible to recover it. This is by design, as it means if you delete a studio and shortly afterwards realize you still need it, you can bring the studio back without losing the configuration. But if you do not recover the studio within the "deletion pending" period, SimpleCloud will remove it completely. At that stage the studio cannot be recovered.

To delete a studio:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager. Only these users have the permissions to delete a studio.
  2. Select Studio.
  3. Select the studio you want to disable, and then select Manage Studio.

    Studio list. A studio is selected, revealing its Manage Studio button.
  4. Select Settings to display the studio profile.

    Studio overview page. There is a callout arrow pointing to the Settings option in the header at the top.
    Studio profile settings
  5. Select the arrow icon button next to Update, and then select Delete.

    Studio settings. The arrow button is selected, revealing a menu. A callout arrow points to the Delete option.
  6. Choose when you want the studio to be deleted:
    • Proceed only when user has logged out - The studio will not be marked for deletion until all active users log out of the studio's workstations.
    • Proceed immediately and log-out any active users - The studio will be marked for deletion immediately. Any active users are logged-out automatically.
  7. Enter YES in the field and then select Accept to confirm that you want to delete the studio.

    The studio then enters the deletion pending state. While it is in this state, the studio is unavailable and cannot be used. It will be deleted automatically after a certain amount of time (approximately 4 weeks). But before that time limit is reached, you can recover the studio so that it is available again. This is useful if you delete a studio but later realize that you still need it.