In SimpleCloud, every virtual studio has its own team. To get people to work on your studio projects, you must first invite them to your team. Once they are in your studio team, you can assign them to work on your projects.

Each team member has a user profile, and in that, you can control:

  • The user's role. They can be a studio manager or a regular user
  • Whether the user can access the internet on the workstations in your studio
  • Whether the user can upload and/or download via FTP
  • What groups the user belongs to
  • What special permissions they have, if any, for using Resilio, VPN, and a proxy server
  • Any limitations that you want to put on the user's account
  • When the user can log in
  • What projects the user can work on
  • The user's active sessions.

You can also organize your team into groups, and then add users to them. For example, you might want to organize your studio so that you have a group for animation, a group for modeling and so on. Inside each group, you can also have sub-groups (called "child" groups), and these are useful for when you need specialists inside a group. For example, you might have an animation group and then inside that, an animation supervisors group.

Currently, the user groups are just for organizing your users. But in future releases, we plan to make it possible to give permissions to a user group and these will be inherited automatically by the members of the group. This will make it easier to manage your users as you will be able to apply permissions multiple users at the same time, by setting them for a group instead of the individual users.

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