Your SimpleCloud user account has a user profile. This is where the details of your user account are stored, including your photo, user name, contact details, password, and preferred site and timezone.

To make changes to your user profile:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud.
  2. From the Dashboard, select Profile.
  3. In the User Information section, you can change your:

    User information section. Numbers are used to label different parts of the section.

    1. Image. Select the image or image placeholder to upload a replacement image.
    2. First name and last name.
    3. Country. Select the X icon for the existing country to remove it, and then start typing the replacement country in the field. Select the country from the list.
    4. Currency.
    5. Phone number and international code prefix.
    6. Language for the operating system (will fallback to English if the language you select is unavailable).
    7. Searchability. Check the Allow studio owners to search by name if you want owners to be able to search for you by name as well as user name. Clear it if you only want to be found by user name.

  4. In the Preferred Site section, you can change which server you connect to, by default. We recommend that you choose the server nearest to your physical location, as this will provide the best performance.

    Preferred site settings with connection speed dials.
    The dials at the bottom show the upload and download speed for your chosen connection. Traffic light color-coding shows the performance speeds, with green as fastest, red as slowest and yellow in between.

    SimpleCloud will try to connect to your preferred site first. If this is not possible, it will try to connect to the next nearest site.

  5. In the Password and Authentication section:

    Password tab of Password and Authentication section.

    • Use the Password tab to change your password. You will need to enter your current password as well as the new password you want to use.

    • Use the Two-step verification tab to set up this more secure form of logging in. To find out more, see Set up two-factor authentication (2FA).

  6. Use the Email Address section to change your email address if required.

    Use E-Mail Address section to update your email address.
  7. In the Preferred Time Zone section, select the time zone that you are in. The time zone is important if your SimpleCloud is set up to use schedules.

    Preferred time zone selection.

  8. In each section, select Update to apply your changes.