SimpleCloud has a DAM (Digital Asset Manager) that contains a record of the assets and other entities that are essential to the production workflow. These records contain the data that is needed for your pipeline and for presenting tasks to your artists via the SimpleCloud tools.

SimpleCloud Digital Asset Manager has many tabs.

You should set up the DAM before you create your pipeline flowcharts. The usual process is:

  1. Set up external DAM, such as ShotGrid.
  2. Synchronize the external DAM with the SimpleCloud DAM.
  3. Create your pipeline flowcharts using the data in the DAM.
  4. Use the external DAM to assign tasks to artists. These tasks are synced with the SimpleCloud DAM, which then passes on the information to the SimpleCloud tools.
  5. Artists complete their tasks using SimpleCloud tools (integrated with the professional software that your artists use).

It's important to understand that the SimpleCloud DAM is not designed to be a fully-featured DAM, rather it is designed to be used alongside one. The SimpleCloud DAM only contains the data that is essential to the production workflow, and does not include tracking and other non-essential data.

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