To create a new pipeline flowchart:

  1. Log in as a studio owner or administrator. From the Dashboard, select the project you want to view to display its Resources. Then select Pipelinein the header menu to display the pipeline flowchart.

    If a pipeline has not been set up for the project, you are shown the pipeline creation page instead. You can use that to create a pipeline.

  2. If you already have pipeline flowcharts stored, the latest one to be used is shown. Select the pipeline selector at the top to display a drop-down menu. It contains links to each pipeline you have stored and also the options to upload a pipeline as a JSON file and to create a Blank workflow.

    Pipeline selector at the top has option to create a blank workflow.

  3. Select Blank workflow to create a new, empty pipeline flowchart.

    New blank pipeline flowchart

You can now add entities to the Entity Types flowchart and set up a Disciplines flowchart.