When a discipline is first created, its properties are defined as part of the initial setting up. If needed, you can change them by editing the discipline. 

When you edit the discipline, you can change the discipline's:

  • "nice name"
  • code name
  • parent discipline
  • entity type
  • color on the disciplines flowchart
  • components
  • expressions

To make the changes:

  1. Display the Disciplines flowchart.

    From the Dashboard, select the project that contains the Disciplines flowchart. Then select the Pipeline option in the header menu to display the pipeline flowchart. Select the Disciplines flowchart tab.

  2. Select the discipline that you want to change. Its properties are shown in the sidebar to the right.

    Disciplines flowchart showing discipline properties sidebar
  3. Use the settings in the top section to make changes to the name, codename, parent discipline, and entity type.

    Settings at the top of the discipline properties sidebar
    From top to bottom, the settings are:
  4. Select Apply to save any changes you made in the previous step.

  5. To change the color of the discipline, select the color identifier box to display a color picker.

    Select the color identifier box to display a color picker

  6. Either:
    • Select a color from the color charts. Use the large chart to choose a shade and the narrow side chart to choose the color.
    • Overwrite the HTML code with a different HTML color code
    • Overwrite the RGB values with different RGB values.

  7. On the Components tab, select the component that you want to change. SimpleCloud displays the component properties dialog, which you can use to define the settings for the component. For information on the various settings for the component, see Edit a component on a disciplines flowchart.

    Components in a discipline
    Component settings for changing a component's properties
  8. On the Expressions tab, select the expression field for the expression that you want to change.
  9. Edit the expression.

    To add a term or component, type the first few characters of its name and then select it from the menu.

    To delete a term or component, select it and then use delete or backspace to remove it.

    To find out more, see Conditional Expressions for Disciplines.
  10.  Select Update (at the bottom of the flowchart diagram) to save the changes.