Publications, just like other entities, have status types to show whether the publication is ready to start, paused, completed, etc. Each status type has a code, a name, and a base status. The name is often used to give the status the same name as it has in a Digital Asset Manager, and the base status is for mapping it to a SimpleCloud status. 

To learn how the base statuses work, see Base Status and DAM Status for Entities.

To add a publication status:

  1. Log in as a studio owner or administrator. From the Dashboard, select the project you want to view to display its Resources. Then select Pipeline in the header menu to display the pipeline flowchart.

    If a pipeline has not been set up for the project, you are shown the pipeline creation page instead. You can use that to create a pipeline.
    SimpleCloud animation pipeline flowchart
  2. On the pipeline flowchart, select the Publications entity and then look in the Entity Type Properties sidebar.

  3. Select the plus button + to add a new publication status. SimpleCloud displays an Insert new entry dialog.

    Insert new entry dialog
  4. Enter the details for the new status:
    • Code - The code for the status as it appears in your DAM.
    • Name - Enter the name of the status as it appears in your DAM. 
    • Base Status - Choose the base status that is most appropriate for the status you are adding. There are several base statuses available in SimpleCloud, each relating to a possible position in the workflow.

      To find out more about the base statuses, see Base Status and DAM Status for Entities.

  5. Select Insert to add the status.