Before you create a storage volume, we recommend that you read the Storage article, which explains how studios can use the storage in your plan. 

When you are familiar with how storage can be used, follow these instructions to create a storage volume for your studio:

  1. Log in to SimpleCloud as a studio owner or studio manager. Only these types of users have access to all of the studio management settings.
  2. On the Dashboard, select Studio to display the studios list.

    Simple Cloud dashboard. There is a callout arrow pointing to the Studio icon.
    Studios list. It shows a list of the studios that have already been created. At the top, there is a create a new studio button.

  3. Select the name of the studio that you want to manage. Alternatively, you can select the down arrow icon at the far-right of the studio row.
  4. Select Manage studio.

    Studios list showing a studio has been selected. An extra section appears containing a Manage Studio button.

  5. Select Storage.

    Storage settings. There is a list of the existing network storage volumes. At the top of the list is a button for creating new network storage.

  6. Select New network storage to display the settings for creating a new volume.

    New network storage settings. There is a name field, a codename field, and a slider. The slider has measurements for data storage, with the maximum amount being the storage that is remaining on your plan.
  7. Enter a name and codename for the volume. When you enter a name, SimpleCloud generates a codename automatically. You can keep this codename or enter one of your own. But you will not be able to change the codename once the volume has been created.
  8. Use the slider to set the amount of storage the volume should have. This is the capacity of the volume and the minimum amount is 100GB. The maximum amount is the total amount of storage that you have remaining on your plan. So when you set the amount for the volume, you should consider how much storage you have left for any other volumes you may need.

    There is a limit of 10TB per volume. If you wish to increase your storage capacity to more than 10TB, contact SimpleCloud Animation support.

  9. Choose whether you want SimpleCloud to Automatically add 250GB when the used space reaches 90% (on this volume).

    If you check the box, SimpleCloud can add 250GB. This only applies if the volume's used storage reaches 90% and you have 250GB available in your plan. SimpleCloud will not add storage beyond the limits of your plan.

    If you clear the box, SimpleCloud will not add any extra storage, even if you have extra storage available in your plan.

  10. Select Create to confirm your choices and make the network storage volume. The new volume is then available to use and is shown on the storage list.