With the Scheduled Access feature, you can restrict access to your studios at particular times. 

For each studio, you can create one or more schedules. Each schedule has a grid, where the columns represent the 7 days of the week and each row represents a 1 hour time slot. To set a time that the studio is available, you add a highlight box and position it on the day and hours that you want.

Studio schedule that has been edited.There is an update button at the bottom of the schedule grid.

Before you set up studio schedules, it is important that you understand the following points:

  • A studio can have many schedules, all enabled at the same time.

    This means that there can be potential clashes, for example, if you have one schedule allowing access on Fridays but another one denying access on Fridays. In these scenarios, if any schedule has the studio as available, then the studio will be available.

  • You can disable studio schedules so that SimpleCloud does not apply them.

    This is useful when you need to have different schedules at different times, and they would normally clash. By disabling one, you can use the other without losing the configuration of the one that's not being used.

  • User profiles and workstation profiles can also have schedules that can prevent access at certain times.

    If one of your team is unable to access a workstation, it could be due to the studio being unavailable, the workstation being unavailable, or their user profile being unavailable. For example, you could have a workstation profile schedule that allows access on Mondays, but you would be unable to use the workstation if the studio schedule prevents access on Mondays.

To learn how to create and manage studio schedules, see: