Your SimpleCloud plan includes a specific amount of storage that was agreed when the plan is purchased. To use that storage, you need to create one or more virtual storage volumes, and then make those available to your studio(s).

The storage in your plan is global storage - it is the total amount of space that you can allocate to your studios. For example, let's say you have three studios and you plan has 8TB available. To allocate this total amount of storage to your studios, you could create volumes for each studio and set the storage space like this:

StudioVolumeSpace allocated to volume

So here, the total amount of storage in the plan (8TB) is shared by your studios, but it is allocated through the use of virtual volumes. The ACME 1 studio has one volume, so the projects in that studio will all use the same storage space - DATA 1. The ACME 2 studio has two volumes, so projects in that studio can be assigned to the DATA 2 or DATA 2.1 volumes. The ACME 3 studio, like ACME 1, has a single volume - DATA 3.

Studios cannot share their volumes with other studios. For example, if the ACME 3 studio uses up all of its 2TB allocation on volume DATA 3, it cannot access the available storage on volumes DATA 1, DATA 2, or DATA 2.1, as they are assigned to different studios.

An amount of your storage plan is reserved for a "software reserved storage" volume that SimpleCloud creates automatically for each studio. This volume is used to store the resources that are required for the software and to save persistent user data, such as application configuration and documents and downloads.

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